We want to inspire architects, designers, principles and local governments to use coloured asphalt for a more colourful urban society. Ask any child, any grownup which colour they associate with asphalt and the answer will be....Black!

We want to challenge you to think differently! We have many years of experience with all kinds of different colours in asphalt, based on the use of clear binder, natural coloured aggregates and a pinch of pigments for the finishing touch.

This website shows a lot of different possibilities and solutions. Projects where leading designers took the challenge to create a more colourful look and feel in urban surroundings.

ICAF wants to create a platform for people who are interested in using coloured asphalt, to share their ideas and experiences and we can support you with technical information. Please feel free to join us!

Jeroen Venema

Jeroen Venema

Managing Director
Ventraco Chemie BV

Ventraco is specialized in colouring asphalt. We do not only supply powder pigments but we also produce our own pigment pellets, known by the name ColorFalt®. These pellets are produced in the Netherlands and are a very high-grade product to colour asphalt.

ColorFalt V Red ® was our first product innovation, more than 2 million tons of coloured asphalt have been produced with ColorFalt colour pellets in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond. Innovation is one of our key concepts and nearly all our pigments and additives have been developed in cooperation with our customers.  

Our ColorFalt pellets have been exported to more than 30 countries!

We are convinced that coloured asphalt will become more and more important in our environment. We are proud to show you some of the options on this website.

For more information check out: www.ventraco.com


Nick Brouwer

Nick Brouwer

Manager Ooms PMB

Ooms is very experienced in producing and applying both regular and coloured asphalt. We do not only produce clear binders for coloured asphalt but we also apply these binders in our projects. This brings us the knowledge in coloured asphalt, mix design, production and application.

Our experience and knowledge are gained in projects all over the world and we are willing to share that with you.

Our R&D lab gives us the possibility to react on specific market demands in any kind of asphalt. With our specialized testing gear we can predict asphalt behaviour in our lab. From this knowledge we trust our clear binder range and we are constantly adding new products, developed from customer demands. www.sealoflexbitumen.com

Our ambition is, to make the world more colourful and sustainable, with coloured asphalt.

Edo Heslinga

Edo Heslinga

Managing Director
Rotim Steenbouw bv

Rotim Innovaties is a part of the Rotim group, traders in aggregates for infrastructure.

An ambitious group of young dynamic people mixed with some very experienced specialists within this professional field. Rotim Innovaties develops concepts and solutions, for technical, environmental and esthetical challenges.

It´s the ambition of Rotim to ReDesign the future of raw materials. To create new opportunities, to optimize the efficiency of the use of primary raw materials.

For more information check out: www.rotim.com